Meet the people behind the music. The future of live music is in your loungeroom and the world is about to become so much smaller.

"Music will change the world" Beethoven

We're now enrolling artists. Agent or musician? Please say hello.

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Why Stoneclap

Stoneclap makes live performance more personal than ever. With Stoneclap you can book musicians from all over the world for intimate performances, using a two way stream designed for music. Artists perform from their studio, home, anywhere. A Stoneclap performance is about having a meaningful and intimate interaction with the artist, like you would in an unplugged event. Playing only for a specific audience at any given time enables the artist to chat, laugh and share stories with the audience as if they were in-house.

The world becomes more connected, more personal, more exciting.

Stoneclap in action ...

Check out some of our test events. We will be doing a series of test events around Melbourne, so if you have a special event - dinner party, birthday, work drinks, wedding, bar mitzvah - coming up, let us know. If your special event cuts the mustard we would love to hook you up with your favourite artist for the night.

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How it works

The future of live music is in your loungeroom and we make it super easy.


Message us about your event. We'll let you know the cost range for available artists and you can pick the one that suits best. Have an artist in mind? Let us know.


We'll book the artist that you selected and send you a link over email with the LIVE page that you need to open when the event starts.


Click on the link we've sent earlier and the party is ON! Chat with the artist over your microphone or event chat, or just sit back and enjoy.